Cosmetic chemistry is something that fascinates me now that I’m in school, since I love the idea of making my own products and potentially creating my own skincare down the line. We’ll be having a guest speaker in class soon to give us an introduction to the subject, but I’m so excited because my teacher told us that UCLA offers an extension course on cosmetic chemistry, and I instantly had interest.

So, a couple of my friends and I signed up for it and will be heading down there in a month and a half to attend an intensive informational course over a weekend with an abundance of guest speakers to talk about everything from cosmetic chemistry to skincare trends to skin disorders. I’m beyond excited to gain the knowledge from these guest speakers and be able to take that information with me on my future work endeavors too.

The course essentially covers skincare ingredient technologies, compliance requirements for labels, performance/marketing claims, skin biology and conditions, cosmetic ingredient lists, cosmetic myths and more. I can’t wait to absorb all this information and relay any pertinent information to you guys once I do!

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