Book Club: Opening Belle

I've mentioned before that I've been a bit behind on my reading game and the same holds true for this week. I've just started Opening Belle, but am not close to finishing. So, instead of sharing my book review on this title, I thought I'd give you a rundown on the summary to see if [...]
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Health Wish List

Now that I'm getting ready to go back to school and have a very specific routine, getting healthy has really been on my mind. Obviously I need to start eating better and exercising again, as I often go in waves of being healthy and right now I'm not on that wave. Whoops!

My Shearling Coat Wish List

I am obsessed with shearling coats, definitely down for the faux versions, but even some of those are out of my price range! However, I am obsessed with the look of both fake and real shearling coats and I love how chic they look in cold-weather settings, particularly in the setting of a beautiful Aspen [...]

Book Club: Chasing Harry Winston

I recently posted on Instagram that I was about to start reading Chasing Harry Winston, which is such an old book (and a rather immature book to be reading at my age). I was reminded by my friend just how old this is (and not in a classic literature-type way) when she told me that [...]