Puffy Coat Wish List

With winter right around the corner, it's time to get wrapped up in something warm when you're planning on going outside in Seattle. It's been getting pretty darn cold and cute fall coats won't be cutting it any longer. It's time for puffy coats! Here is my puffy coat wish list. :)

Madewell Wish List

I'm obsessed with all things Madewell. I love this store and could live in this brand's clothing for the rest of my life contently. I just adore the stylish yet laid-back vibe with simplistic silhouettes and standout details that set their pieces apart. Some of their pieces are reasonable, while others can get kind of [...]
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Health Wish List

Now that I'm getting ready to go back to school and have a very specific routine, getting healthy has really been on my mind. Obviously I need to start eating better and exercising again, as I often go in waves of being healthy and right now I'm not on that wave. Whoops!

My Shearling Coat Wish List

I am obsessed with shearling coats, definitely down for the faux versions, but even some of those are out of my price range! However, I am obsessed with the look of both fake and real shearling coats and I love how chic they look in cold-weather settings, particularly in the setting of a beautiful Aspen [...]

Fall Fragrance Wish List

Now that we are in the full swing of fall, I'm realizing that I'm in need of a new scent for the season. I love a mix of light and dark scents for different days and different occasions, but I'm currently in such a rut of the fragrances I've been wearing all year.

My Current Wish List

This week's wish list doesn't have a theme. This is just what's currently on my wish list! If I were to make a Christmas list right now, these are the five items that would be at the very top. I'm hoping to eventually get these items since I'm so obsessed with each one!