My Perfume Wish List

I love a good scent, but I truly am so bad at having a signature scent because I love so many and my mind always changes! I can’t help it! And then some days, I feel like I don’t want to waste my good perfumes since I’m not leaving the house, but I still want [...]

Mother’s Day Wish List

Let’s talk Mother’s Day for this wish list. I’m not a mom myself, but if I was, I’d definitely love to receive any one of these five things. Now, I already know what my mom wants for Mother’s Day so these gifts won’t apply for her, but for those who are still in need of [...]

My Mask Wish List

For this week’s wish list, let’s talk face masks. As a product junkie, I have quite a few masks stocked up at home that still need to be used, but of course I’m over here dreaming of new ones (expensive new ones at that). I’ll force myself to work through the ones I have before [...]
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My Skincare Wish List

For this week's wish list, I figured we'd talk skincare since it is my obsession. Although I am a product whore and load up on new skincare goodies whenever possible, there are some that I just cannot shell out the money on right away, but would love to try down the line.