Magic Eraser

The illusive Magic Eraser. Such a gem and ya didn’t even know it! Firstly, we know this is a kitchen-cleaning wonder, but let me tell you…I used to work at a store in college and one day I had to clean the shelves with one of these.

Primecut Perfection

Every blog in the world posts about Clare V bags (not really, but it seems like it). And I think they’re gorgeous as well! I just think they’re a tad pricey for my thiiiiin wallet. I would gladly scoop them up if I could! That is…until I discovered Primecut.

The TV Shows I’m Loving

I've been binge watching a few tv shows lately and although it might be considered a waste of time, I am LOVING it. Sometimes it's just so fun to get lost in the plot of a show for a few hours, so I wanted to share which shows have been keeping my attention as of [...]
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How to Give Advice

My friends often ask me for advice, whether it’s about work, other friendships or love. And I’m always happy to give it, even though I am nooooo pro. But it can be a slippery slope and you have to be very strategic about how you go about doling out advice.

My 4th of July Look

Even though the 4th of July came and went, I still wanted to do a little post about my outfit for the night. I didn't do anything wild and crazy, but I did go over to one of my best friend's houses with a few of my closest friends.

Summer Outfit

I couldn't be happier with the direction that fashion is going in and I feel like I'm finally starting to buy pieces that I'll have for years to come instead of buying all super-trendy pieces that are going to be donated after a season or two.