School Thus Far

I'm about a third of the way through esthetician school and I'm still loving it, which makes me very happy. We've learned almost all the treatments that we'll be performing throughout the rest of our time in school, minus a good handful. And we've finally started taking clients!
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Forever My Sweet Love

This week my family and I are mourning the loss of our sweet angel baby, Gauge. We had Gauge for nearly 12 years and he was the love of all of our lives. Gauge was who we turned to when we were happy, sad, mad, frustrated. Any emotion we felt was made better by Gauge.

Faux Fur Wish List

I know I just did a post on my perfect faux fur coat that I got from & Other Stories for Christmas, but there are still a few faux fur coats that I'm pining for. I can't get enough! I love how chic faux fur looks when it's done well (aka moderately priced, since I [...]

Faux Fur Coat

This Christmas, I had asked for a faux fur coat since I have been looking for a great one for a long time, and I received THE most beautiful one. I have to admit it is a bit out there, but it's gorgeous nonetheless. This faux fur coat from & Other Stories is beyond dreamy. [...]


I am finally back from a much-needed break. I took a break from school and from the blog, which felt pretty refreshing. I watched Christmas movies, celebrated with friends and family, flew to Palm Springs with Danny for a few days and returned for a New Year's Eve wedding to remember. And now, it's 2018 [...]

New Year’s Eve Dresses

This New Year's Eve I'll be attending the wedding of one of my dear friends here in Seattle, so we get to not only dress up for the New Year, but we'll be dressing up for their wedding as well! I've purchased a black long-sleeve gown covered in sequins that I can't wait to share [...]

Gift Guide for Him

Guys can be hard to buy gifts for. Maybe it's because I'm a girl, but maybe it's because they're actually pickier than girls when it comes to receiving gifts? Who knows the real answer, but I always find that I have a hard time shopping for men. On one hand, my brother doesn't want anything [...]

Gift Guide for the Homebody

I'm going to do a few gift guides this year in case anyone needs assistance buying for their loved ones, so I thought I'd start out with a gift guide for the homebody, since I am one! I love nothing more than being cozied up at home, so I tried to think of what gifts [...]

Favorite Black Friday Purchases!

I got a few things on Black Friday that I'm so excited about. I haven't yet received them, but I'm definitely eager to. Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year, because it truly is the BEST time to shop. And it's practically the only day I shop for Christmas gifts because [...]

Week 1!

I just finished my first week at the Euro Institute and am starting my second week today. The first day was overwhelming, to say the least, but after the second day I started to feel more comfortable with the routine and my classmates. Our first two hours of the day are spent learning theory in [...]