Eye Mask Obsession

Eye patches are very popular right now and I’ve fallen victim to their allure. I first tried eye patches at a friend’s wedding about a year ago. It was the night before and a friend, who is a freelance stylist for the beautiful stars, was like, “Guys, you have to try these. Put them on [...]

Vitamin C Serum

I recently started using a vitamin c serum first thing in the morning on my skin before applying other products, due to its booming popularity. The whole hoopla about vitamin c is that it is full of antioxidants and protects your skin against free radicals and pigmentation issues from the sun. It also helps with [...]
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My Skincare Wish List

For this week's wish list, I figured we'd talk skincare since it is my obsession. Although I am a product whore and load up on new skincare goodies whenever possible, there are some that I just cannot shell out the money on right away, but would love to try down the line.

My Polish Color of Choice

I’ve talked about nails before and my (not so) newfound love for acrylics. I’m still going strong with them, so fear not, I am not backtracking on that love. I am, however, so excited to have finally found “my” color.

New Obsession: The Pimple Patch.

I’m obsessed with all things skincare and am always looking for ways to, of course, prevent any skin issues, but also to solve them. For example, when “that” time of the month rolls around, it really is difficult to prevent something-something from popping up. I’m talking blemishes. Those suckers are the worst. And while we [...]

My Favorite Self-Tanner

As someone who loves the sun but doesn’t love lying in the sun or being exposed to the sun for too long, self tanner has come very much in handy. I’ve been lucky enough to be someone with an olive skin tone, but every now and then I, too, want a little extra glow. And [...]

Blemish, Be Gone!

We all get blemishes because…we’re human. But for some reason, they make us so embarrassed! Luckily, I don’t break out as bad as I used to in my teen years, but I still remember feeling so self-conscious when I would have a bad breakout. I could hardly look people in the eye. I felt that [...]
After my lash lift! I have pretty puny lashes, so it's a bit difficult to tell here, but I promise it's made a HUGE difference to me,

I’m Loving Lash Lifts!

I’m always looking for new ways to look better with minimal effort. Call me lazy simple, but I just think finding semi-permanent solutions for things, rather than incredibly temporary solutions is very worth it. For example, I recently wrote a post on my microblading experience (find it here!), since I was sick of drawing on [...]