Most of us know by know that we need to wear sunscreen, but some of us still need convincing. And even if you do wear sunscreen, you might not be protecting yourself to the proper degree so I wanted to discuss this.

Makeup Setting Spray Hack

I’m always looking for new makeup hacks, and I love anything that makes you look better faster. AKA, a quick fix. Guilty as charged. I know, I know, you can’t use quick fixes for skincare or health or weight loss etc., but you CAN use quick fixes for makeup. After all, isn’t that what makeup [...]

Gifts for the Beauty Lover

Christmas is almost here so if you're still shopping, it's time to wrap it up! In the event that you're a last-minute shopper (unlike myself), here are a few gifts that the beauty lover in your life will definitely love. As a self-proclaimed beauty lover, I'm coveting all these products too!

Skin Tip of the Week: Moisturize

This seems obvious, and I'm sure most of us do moisturize. BUT did you know that the majority of the population has dehydrated skin? I didn't, but now I do! Practically all of us. And that doesn't necessarily mean that you're not drinking enough water, though if you're not, that really and truly messes with [...]

Skin Tip of the Week: Exfoliate!

Now that I'm in school, I'm learning the ins and outs of the most important aspects of skin care. I understand that some people don't want to buy expensive products or have a ton of steps in their routine and just want a low-maintenance approach. If that's you, then in order to have a successful [...]

Facial Massage

Recently, massage has become verrrrry popular. Not that it wasn’t always popular, but now instead of feeling like we’re treating ourselves, we feel like we’re simply taking care of ourselves. So many articles have come out recently explaining the benefits of body massage to get the blood flowing, loosen things up and stretch/massage muscles, especially [...]