Anna Faris just came out with a book titled Unqualified, which is named after her podcast of the same name. I’ve always loved Anna Faris and her humor, since it’s a very unique and clever kind of funny. This book has received so much hype now since she recently split from husband Chris Pratt. This book was written prior to their split, so she ended up going back in and updating parts to make more sense for the current status of their relationship. But I’m sure she didn’t want to rewrite all of those emotions, so it’ll be interesting to see her mix of perspectives come together.

Having grown up in Washington myself, I’m excited to read about Anna’s childhood, as she grew up less than an hour away from me and attended the University of Washington as well.

I always love reading celebrity bios, and I’m sure this one will be no exception. Have any of you started reading this yet? If so, let me know what you guys thought!

P.S. I’m going to be taking off Thanksgiving and the day after to spend time with my friends and family and just unwind from school and work. But I’ll be back with gift guides and Christmas spirit next week! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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