I just finished reading The Girls, which has received a lot of praise and has been on a number of must-read lists.

This story is loosely based off the Charles Manson story from the ‘60s in California. Although all the names are changed and some facts are different, the story is very much in line with that of the Charles Manson case. My mom had started it before me and couldn’t really get into it, which surprised me since she was a teenager in LA when this was all going on and remembers the fear of the state so clearly while the murders were unresolved.

I read the whole thing in two days and was very interested to read the story from the point of view of someone who was quite heavily involved with the Manson group and could explain how he worked a group of people into hanging onto his every word.

I also was very intrigued to hear how captivating this whole group of people was in its entirety and how wild it must have been for someone who was involved with the group, but not with any of their crimes, to go back to living in society as a regular person.

This is the kind of book that I just want more of, due to it being a sort of murder mystery. If that sounds of interest to you, then pick up this book because you will definitely enjoy reading the backside of this story.