I just finished reading The Aviator’s Wife and I am feeling so touched, moved and inspired. This is certainly a novel that will stay with me throughout life. I always find that there are some books that are great reads, but that I am okay parting with, gifting to someone new, and there are some reads that I will lend to friends, but will never actually give away. This is one of those.

This book is about Anne Morrow Lindbergh, an icon herself who was married to the historical icon Charles Lindbergh. It is a true story though much of the relationships, intimacies and emotions were admittedly concocted by the author, Melanie Benjamin.

As someone who has a long history of pilots in my family, I felt an instant connection to this story and was entranced with the author’s writing style. She wrote things so beautifully and eloquently that I would love to tear specific pages out to frame them.

Anne’s story comes full circle. It goes through the ups and the undeniable downs. It has a strong thread of self-identity woven throughout and the importance of having your own identity, rather than following someone else’s footpath.

I truly felt so inspired by this book, for I find the most inspirational stories to be the ones that aren’t full of rainbows and butterflies but grit, depth and heart. This book is a true wonder, a must-read.


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