I recently posted on Instagram that I was about to start reading Chasing Harry Winston, which is such an old book (and a rather immature book to be reading at my age). I was reminded by my friend just how old this is (and not in a classic literature-type way) when she told me that she read this book in middle school. Ha! If this is a book she read in middle school, it’s certainly not one I should be starting in my late 20s. But, alas, I did so anyway.

And, honestly, I’m happy I did!

Of course, this is a semi-cliché story about three girls living in Manhattan and their love stories, but what I appreciated was that part of it was relatable when it came to lost love, which most of us have experienced in one way or another. I also liked how it focused on finding independence as a woman, another thing that is so important these days.

So, although this isn’t some book that’s going to wow you in terms of life lessons, I still enjoyed it.


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