I’m currently reading Audrey Hepburn’s biography, written by her son Sean and I’m loving every bit of it. I’m about halfway through, but I wanted to write about this since this book is so wonderfully written and from the perspective of someone so close to her who truly knew her.

So often, we read biographies written by people who may have loved and admired the person they’re writing about, but they didn’t actually know them. Which is why I appreciate hearing about Miss Hepburn from the perspective of her own flesh and blood.

Her son has such admiration for his mother and isn’t writing about gossip or rumors; he’s writing about true accounts of his mother and explaining who she was to her core, which was a beautiful woman inside and out who had no ego .

He also writes about her pain and sadness though, which is helpful to hear since she was someone who seemingly “had it all,” but it’s clear that “having it all” doesn’t bring happiness and I love that message in the book. There are also a lot of personal photos and behind-the-scenes stories that are beautiful to see and read.

If you’re a fan of Audrey Hepburn, I highly recommend taking a peek into her life through this book.

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