Sophia Loren has always been known for her unparalleled beauty, but it wasn’t until recently that her beauty caught my eye. She was certainly an actress before my time, but she remains an icon that I’ve only taken an interest in as of late. Sophia Loren was a true beauty with a personality to match and acting skills that won her several accolades. I was perusing books online and came across her autobiography (My Life: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) and instantly felt a draw to it.

I discovered that Miss Loren had been writing for several years before writing this book and it clearly shows, as this is so well-written. I felt so connected to her and to her life, her emotions, the whole thing.

This autobiography gives a full rundown and timeline of her life from the young years to her first movie, her latest movie, her love, her family and everything in between. I am walking away from this feeling very inspired and honestly experiencing an invisible connection to this Hollywood icon. This isn’t one of those shallow books filled with gossipy tales, but rather her truth that went on in front of and behind closed doors.

I loved this autobiography and am very interested in watching all the movies this beautiful person starred in.


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