Unfiltered by Lily Collins drew me in because although I didn’t know much about her before reading her book, I knew I wanted to. And after reading this, I do feel that I learned a lot about her and I think she’s a great writer, but I hate to admit that I didn’t love this autobiography.

I’m not sure how to explain why it was that I didn’t love it, but as I sit here writing this, I think I wanted more from her. The book felt short and perhaps too focused on certain parts of her life and not the transitions that would explain how she got from one part of her life to the next.

I also wanted more out of the parts she did focus on. I got the general consensus about what happened with, for example, her eating disorder, which was one of the parts I felt she went into fairly adequate detail about, but I was still left wanting more.

When I pick up an autobiography, I guess I want it all, every detail instead of just the main points. When I read Janice Dickinson’s autobiography, I felt that I knew her, that I got it all. And with Unfiltered, I didn’t feel that way. I’m interested in seeing guys thought the same thing if you’ve read it as well.


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