As an avid follower of everything The Skinny Confidential does, I recently bought the book Bite Me by Ally Hilfiger, which Lauryn Evarts loved so much she even had her on the podcast. You might know Ally’s name, not only from who her father is, but from her brief reality show stardom on MTV’s Rich Girls. It’s not necessarily a time in her life she looks fondly back on though, which I discovered after reading this book.

What this book reveals is that Ally had Lyme disease from age 9, but wasn’t diagnosed until over a decade later. Throughout those years, she experienced, nausea, weight loss, joint pain, brain fog, the list goes on and on and she was misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and more. But because no one could see her pain, she was often accused of over exaggerating. This disease also produced psychotic episodes in Ally, leading to her eventual stint in a rehab because her parents thought only a drug addict could display the kind of behavior she was exhibiting. Once she got the diagnosis, she finally felt justified.

I loved this book because it made me realize so many things about myself, my life and my family. As someone who has an aunt with fibromyalgia, I felt this book gave me further insight into some of the things she experiences on a daily basis and it made me have so much more sympathy and compassion for what she goes through. It also made me realize the power of positive thinking, which Ally explains in depth through her devotion to meditation and Ayurvedic treatments.

This book was informational in more ways than one and I loved learning more about Lyme and how it really affects those who suffer from it. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to learn more about Lyme or for those who are seeking an informative read.


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