I’ve come to realize that I absolutely love thrillers. I loved Gone Girl, Girl on the Train and In a Dark, Dark Wood (which is now being made into a movie), so I think it’s safe to say I’ve finally found my genre of choice. I read the summary of Pretty Girls a while back and recently bought it when I came across it in a bookstore, but let me tell you…the summary of this book doesn’t even TOUCH the tip of the iceberg. In fact, I couldn’t even really tell it was a thriller until I got to reading.

I had NO idea what I was getting into, which made it that much more exciting. I’m also glad I didn’t know anyone who’d read this prior because I truly had no idea what kind of a story I was getting into. The synopsis basically says that a woman named Claire is married to an Atlanta millionaire and her sister Lydia is dating an ex-convict, while their third sister Julia went missing several years ago. But then Claire’s husband is murdered and that’s where the story begins.

That is exactly right…that’s where the story begins. There is no insight as to what happens. All I will say is that this story is disturbing so reader, beware. The writing of this book is really incredible. This was an absolute page-turner. It was hard to put down, yet I wanted to put it down because I never wanted it to end. This is the kind of book that kept me on the edge of my seat and I loved it. I’ve already ordered more Karin Slaughter books to keep me up at night.


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