Every now and then, I love to incorporate some “trashy” picks into my reading list. Not to say this is a trashy book (it’s really not), but I know this isn’t the type of book a typical reading enthusiast reaches for. Soooo I picked up Holly Madison’s book Down the Rabbit Hole. You may remember her from the E! show Girls Next Door as one of Hef’s three girlfriends at the time (she was girlfriend number one). But Holly is much more than that. And this book shows that.

This book gave her a platform to tell her side of the story and let us see behind the curtains of the infamous Playboy Mansion. And I have to say, I couldn’t put it down. I loved hearing more about her childhood, her time in college, her years upon years at the mansion and where she went after the mansion. This is her true story and I love that she didn’t leave any stones unturned.

This book made me so excited to read her second book The Vegas Diaries. I would have started it immediately, but I actually loved her writing so much that I wanted to save it for another time so I don’t just tear through both without having another to look forward to. So right now, Holly Madison is like my dessert. Saving the best for last.


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