I’m a big pasta girl. I’m a vegetarian, but my family likes to call me a carbotarian, since that accurately reflects my diet. I have always loooved pasta, but I know it’s not the best for my health, at least not for how frequently I eat it. So I’ve had to explore alternative options in order to get my fix. I have a few that I rotate frequently and, to be honest, I hardly ever indulge in white pasta anymore, that’s how good these options are.

  1. Brown rice pasta. This one is the closest to regular pasta. So close, in fact, that I never, ever notice the difference. This one eeeeasily passes for regular pasta, but it has more fiber and nutrients in it, which I love.
  2. Chickpea pasta. I LOVE this one because it is almost purely chickpeas, aka beans, which are so good for you and have so much protein. The one downside is that this pasta does have sugar in it, which I don’t love.
  3. Red lentil pasta. This pasta certainly tastes different than regular pasta. I’d say this one is my favorite for health since it has a lot of fiber and protein, as it is purely red lentils. I also love this because I’m a vegetarian and this is such an easy way to get protein.
  4. Spaghetti squash. Now this one is very clearly not even pasta. This is literally a squash, but when you use a fork to scrape down the sides after it’s cooked, it forms a spaghetti-like result, which is so delicious and has a lot of vitamins in it.
  5. Zoodles. This is another alternative that is indeed different from regular pasta and certainly will not be mistaken for pasta. This is a great option because you can eat such a large volume of zucchini without a large amount of calories. I have a spiralizer that I put the zucchini in to create the zoodles, but there are also smaller handheld devices that work just as well.

My absolute favorite way to eat pasta and “pasta” is with marinara sauce, so you can either heat some up from a jar orrrr (my personal favorite) make your own (recipe coming soon!) and ladle it over with some delicious Parmesan sprinkled on top.

Do you have any others that you love? Let me know in the comments below.


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