As I’m entering the world of a natural skincare, I’m really starting to appreciate knowing exactly what is going on my skin and what each of those ingredients actually are. For example, beeswax, olive oil and vitamin e, which are three main ingredients in my new favorite night cream.

As I was perusing Amazon for my beloved Egyptian Magic, which I am a devotee of, I knew I really needed a night cream. My morning cream has SPF, so I don’t want to be using that at night. I was looking for something more moisturizing, something a bit thicker.

Enter beeswax cream by Bee Friendly Skincare.

Although this has similar ingredients to Egyptian Magic, it is different in that it is an actual cream that I can slather on my entire face in at night as opposed to a salve. Yes please.

This product had several great reviews, so I was in. Now, I’ve purchased beauty products from brands I’d never heard of before and had bad results. I have such sensitive skin that I often react to most products that I’m not familiar with.

But not this one. And I highly attribute that to the fact that these are natural, real ingredients. These are the kinds of beauty products I prefer to use because they are non-irritating and highly moisturizing. Everything I’m looking for.


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