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My Travel Must-Have

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, which has been amazing! And throughout my journeys, I’ve gotten better at packing and knowing what I need and what I don’t need for both the destination and for the journey. One of the things I recently got for travel that I’m thankful I did is the Slip Silk [...]
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Chai Obsession

Ever since I was in 8th grade, yes you read that right, I’ve LOVED chai tea lattes. I remember going to the coffee stand at our high school every single day to get a sugary sweet chai latte with vanilla of course, having no idea what I was even consuming other than something absolutely delicious. Fast-forward to today and I still love chai lattes, but I’m consuming them much less frequently than the good ol’ high school days. I had a period of time where I’d make them myself using sugar-free chai mix and sugar-free vanilla syrup with nonfat milk once I realized how bad these sweet drinks can be for you, but that was back in the sugar-free this/sugar-free that days. And, to be honest, looking back, I should have realized how artificial those tasted.

Packing for Europe

I am heading to Europe tonight for the very first time and I could not be more excited! I’m going with my mom and my cousin for a girls’ getaway, as I am very close with them both. My mom has been dying for us to go to Europe together, since she’s already been, but hasn’t returned in over 30 years, so I’m especially looking forward to going there with her. We’ll be heading to London first, then off to Paris and returning to London for one night before flying back to Seattle.

St. Thomas

I recently went to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands on vacation with my mom and my brother for a family getaway (unfortunately my dad wasn’t able to join), but we had such an amazing time! So I wanted to write about it and share some pictures in case any of you have a desire to visit this beautiful destination as well.

Book Club!

I love to read. That wasn’t always the case, but in the past few years I’ve really started to get into it. And I couldn’t be happier! Reading is amazing. Rumor has it that it’s really good for your brain to read stories before bedtime. It also just helps put me to sleep, which I appreciate as someone who struggles to fall asleep when nighttime creeps up. Additionally, it’s always an easy go-to conversation topic to talk about books with friends, acquaintances, even strangers!